React for

Creating UIs


  • React for creating amazing user interfaces
  • React Resuing Components and Routing
  • Arrays and Objects in React
  • React Hooks & States
  • React Testing and Debugging

01. React for Creating User Interfaces

02. Getting Started with React

03. Adding Component Properties. It's like an attribute in HTML elements

04. Working with Lists in React

05. Using Images & Fragments in React

06. React interactivity: Events and state

07. React interactivity: Conditional Rendering

08. Arrays and Objects in React

09. Accessibility in React: useState Hook

10. Accessibility in React: useEffect Hook

11. Accessibility in React: useRef & useReducer Hook

12. Difference Between REST APIs & Web APIs

13. Fetching and Displaying Data from an API with Hooks

14. Using React Router & Nesting Links

15. Using Create React App as a testing platform

16. Using Redux with React

17. Using OpenLibarary to build a Book Search WebApp in React